AMBIENTE NOVA   Large Wind Resistant Commercial Cantilever Offset Umbrella

Ambiente Nova Cantilever Umbrella

AMBIENTE NOVA – Large Wind Resistant Commercial Cantilever Offset Umbrella

When it comes to design, often less is not only more… but more beautiful. We now present AMBIENTE NOVA, our legendary cantilever sunshade – in XXL format. With a span of up to 5 meters, the cantilever sunshade wins over everyone, making sure both host and guests can relax.

The design language of this newly redesigned product features the same premium materials and convincing ergonomics as its predecessor. For instance, the patented drive system makes child’s play of operating the crank – and the sunshade roof aligns itself automatically when opening, but does not touch any tables or chairs when closing.

The AMBIENTE NOVA is particularly stable, as well. The profiles of the supporting elements and aluminum frame see to that. Robust cable wires and a stainless steel threaded spindle also play their part in ensuring that – with a fix ground anchorage and depending on its size – the sunshade can comfortably cope with wind speeds of up to 50 km/h.

AMBIENTE NOVA will make your very own midsummer dreams come true as it creates atmospheric focus, whether in a garden; on the terrace or a dining patio.

Choose between one of the standard designs or a customized design, as it can be supplied in virtually any size, shape and height.

The frame is available in Natural Anodized Aluminum with optional colors available from the RAL Classic range of Colors. AMBIENTE NOVA ensures maximum sun and rain protection as well as offering the ideal surface for advertising logos and all kinds of lettering.

Various mounting options include in ground sleeves; plates for affixing to existing patios and decks; and steel stationary bases with weighted inserts for above ground applications.

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Available Canopy Sizes:


  • 13’1″ Ø (400 cm)
  • 16’5″ Ø (500 cm)


  • 11’6″ x 11’6″ (350 x 350 cm)
  • 13’1″ x 13’1″ (400 x 400 cm)


  • 13’1″ x 9’10” (400 x 300 cm)
  • 14’9″ x 11’6″ (450 x 350 cm)

Bases, fixed mounting options and accessories to consider…