TEAKWOOD – Teak – Wood Commercial Patio Market Umbrella

Teakwood Market Umbrella

TEAKWOOD – Teak Wood Commercial Patio Market Umbrella

The TEAKWOOD Teak Wood commercial Patio Market Umbrella is our interpretation of timelessness.  A large size sunshade which fits into both, yesterday as well as today and tomorrow. it is an elegant masterpiece in precious timber.

Design Elements

High – quality fit and finish are integrated into all of our models down to the last detail, to ensure a product that is sophisticated, stylish and long lasting. Exquisite materials abound, such as an untreated natural teak pole and ribs, corner mounts covered and reinforced with leather, protective metal caps on the rib ends and rustproof metal fittings. In fact, our premium Teakwood Teak wood Commercial Patio Market Umbrella is the ‘Rolls-Royce’ of wooden parasols.

Furthermore, a double pulley system allows for quick and easy opening of this parasol. All you have to do is draw the sturdy cord of the pulley system and affix it easily using the metal peg and the Teakwood Teak Market Umbrella instantly exudes an elegant flair on your patio – with a subtly nostalgic touch.

In addition, the high-quality leather flaps for stowing the rope lend a sense of charm.  Our TEAKWOOD Teak Market Umbrella will enhance the garden, patio or any setting desiring a classic look and invites guests to relax and linger.

Moreover, the runner is height-adjustable and is secured with a metal pin, which is attached with a chain. The ribs are securely bolted, and a metal protector at the end of the untreated teak pole ensures a long service life. Ultimately, our Teakwood Teak Market Umbrella combines aesthetics with exemplary manufacturing techniques, wholly in keeping with our Swiss tradition.

Logo, Canopy and Frame Color and Size Options

The classic teak wood frame is available in a number of sizes and shapes and ensures maximum sun and rain protection as well as offering the ideal surface for advertising logos and all kinds of lettering.

Mounting Solutions

Various mounting options include in ground sleeves; plates for affixing to existing patios and decks; and steel and granite stationary bases for above ground applications. For versatility, choose our Decor Mobile Base with hidden castors. There are additional custom choices allowing for many fixed mounting options.

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Available Canopy Sizes:


  • 9’10” Ø (300 cm)
  • 11’6″ Ø (350 cm)


  • 10’10” x 10’10” (330 x 330 cm)

Bases, fixed mounting options and accessories to consider…