PALAZZO STYLE – Giant Wind Resistant Commercial Patio Market Umbrella

Palazzo Style Giant Market Umbrella

PALAZZO STYLE – Giant Commercial Patio Market Umbrella

Our iconic giant, the PALAZZO STYLE market umbrella, with its huge format, provides protection against the sun and rain and remains stable while withstanding wind speeds of up to 115 km/h.

Design Elements

With its stylish, flat parasol roof and a strong mast made of natural anodized aluminum, the timelessly elegant design of this sunshade demonstrates a sense of style and can also be opened with just 9 turns of the crank.

And it also sets a high convenience benchmark in terms of technology and accessories, allowing the PALAZZO STYLE to be a good host at night and between seasons. For those who prefer an automated approach: a motorized canopy, an LED lighting system integrated into the ribs for pure white dimmable light, as well as heating. Functionality and style in one design (please request details regarding electrical accessories being installed outside of the EU).

Logo, Canopy and Frame Color and Size Options

Choose between one of the 14 standard designs or a customized design, as it can be supplied in virtually any size, shape and height to adapt to your needs with ease.

The frame is available in Natural Anodized Aluminum with optional colors available from the RAL Classic range of Colors. A selection of 55 canopy colors that ensure maximum sun and rain protection as well as offering the ideal surface for advertising logos and all kinds of lettering.

Mounting Solutions

The PALAZZO STYLE market umbrella offers various mounting options include in ground sleeves; plates for affixing to existing patios and decks; and steel stationary bases with weighted inserts for above ground applications.

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Available Canopy Sizes:


  • 11’6″ Ø (350 cm)
  • 13’1″ Ø (400 cm)
  • 14’9″ Ø (450 cm)
  • 16’5″ Ø (500 cm)
  • 19’8″ Ø (600 cm)


  • 9’10” x 9’10” (300 x 300 cm)
  • 11’6″ x 11’6″ (350 x 350 cm)
  • 13’1″ x 13’1″ (400 x 400 cm)
  • 14’9″ x 14’9″ (450 x 450 cm)


  • 11’6″ x 8’2″ (350 x 250 cm)
  • 11’6″ x 9’10” (350 x 300 cm)
  • 13’1″ x 6’6″ (400 x 200 cm)
  • 13’1″ x 9’10” (400 x 300 cm)
  • 14’9″ x 11’6″ (450 x 350 cm)

Bases, fixed mounting options and accessories to consider…