Fortino Maarket Umbrella

The FORTINO goes wherever shade is needed with dimensions that allow for easy movement to a new location in the blink of an eye.

An emerging breeze will not harm this sunshade. The FORTINO is designed to be stable in the wind, and stays where it has been put. The counter-rotating servo principle ensures the optimum ease of use: simply pull the tension lever downwards and fix it in the slide. The frame, which is made from natural anodized aluminum, consists of a two-part profiled pole and built to last.

Whether on a dining patio or along the perimeter of a resort pool – thanks to its convenient size, the FORTINO can satisfy the requirements of any venue! Smaller than its big brothers, FORTERO and FORTELLO, but tough: thanks to its stable construction, the FORTINO is wind-resistant to 80km/h, depending upon the shape and size.

The Natural Anodized Aluminum frame is available in a number of sizes and shapes and ensures maximum sun and rain protection as well as offering the ideal surface for advertising logos and all kinds of lettering.

Various mounting options include in ground sleeves; plates for affixing to existing patios and decks; and steel and granite stationary bases for above ground applications. For versatility, choose our Decor Mobile Base with hidden castors. There are additional custom choices allowing for many fixed mounting options.

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Fortino Product Brochure

Available Canopy Sizes:


  • 8’2″ Ø (250 cm)
  • 9’10” Ø (300 cm)


  • 6’6″ x  6″6″ (200 x 200 cm)
  • 7’10” x 7’10” (240 x 240 cm)

Bases, fixed mounting options and accessories to consider…