Commercial Patio Umbrellas – Giant – Market – Cantilever – Wood – Tilting

Giant Commercial Market Umbrellas

These umbrellas are great for large outdoor spaces and have a modern design with a flat roof. They can handle really strong winds (depending upon which one you choose), and keep you dry and shaded from the sun. You can pick from four really big umbrellas within the Castello and Palazzo range. Custom Canopy Size and Height Modifications Available. Wind Resistant to 71 mph (115 km/h) depending upon model/shape/size.

Castello Pro Giant Commercial Market Umbrella

Castello Pro
(sizes from 11′ to 20′)

Palazzo-Style Giant Commercial Market Umbrella

Palazzo Style
(sizes from 12′ to 20′)

Palazzo Noblesse Giant Commercial Market Umbrella

Palazzo Noblesse
(sizes from 13′ to 23′)

Palazzo Royal Giant Commercial Market Umbrella

Palazzo Royal
(sizes from 16′ to 26′)

Large Commercial Market Umbrellas

Our Fortino, Fortero and Fortello models are designed to complement our giant market or cantilever style umbrellas, for use in locations where clients want the versatility of a lighter, more mobile option. These especially wind-resistant, center-pole parasols are large enough to provide significant sunshade, yet small enough to relocate at a moments notice.  Wind Resistant to 62 mph (100km/h) depending upon model/shape/size.

Fortino Riviera Large Commercial Market Umbrella

Fortino Riviera
(sizes from 6′ to 10′)

Fortero Large Commercial Market Umbrella

(sizes from 8′ to 12′)

Fortello Large Commercial Market Umbrella

(sizes from 10′ to 13′)

Tilting and Telescoping Commercial Market Umbrellas

Our Smart and Twist parasols are great for patios and balconies, and they can also be used with bigger umbrellas. They have a pole in the middle and can be tilted or made taller.  Wind Resistant to 47 mph (75km/h) depending upon model/shape/size.

Smart Square Umbrella 523 Champagne

 (sizes from 6′ to 10′)

Twist Tilting and Telescoping Commercial Market Umbrella

(sizes from 6′ to 11′)

Teak – Wood Commercial Market Umbrellas

These classic wood-framed umbrellas combine a traditional aesthetic with outstanding UV protection and optimum ease of use. They instantly enhance any outdoor area with nostalgic charm. Wind Resistant to 18 mph (30km/h) depending upon model/shape/size.

Alexo Wood Commercial Market Umbrella

(sizes from 6′ to 7′)

Piazzino Wood Commercial Market Umbrella

(sizes from 10′ to 12′)

Teakwood Wood Commercial Market Umbrella

(sizes from 10′ to 12′)

Cantilever Commercial Offset Umbrellas

Particularly well suited for shading tables and lounges, side-mast umbrellas operate without a center pole to provide plenty of shaded space. Custom Canopy Size and Height Modifications Available on Ambiente Nova. Wind Resistant to 34 mph (55 km/h) depending upon model/shape/size.

fortano square 654 umbrella page

(sizes from 10′ to 13′)

Sombrano S+ Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

Sombrano S+
(sizes from 11′ to 13′)

Aura Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

(sizes from 11′ to 13′)

Ambiente Nova Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

Ambiente Nova
(sizes from 13′ to 16′)

Pendalex P+ Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

Pendalex P+ 
(sizes from 10′ to 12′)

Sunwing Casa Commercial Cantilever Umbrella

Sunwing Casa
(sizes from 10′ to 11′)