CASTELLO PRO   Giant Wind Resistant Commercial Patio Market Umbrella

Castello Giant Market Umbrella

CASTELLO PRO – Giant Wind Resistant Commercial Patio Market Umbrella

A good host always takes care of its guests by finding the best shading solutions for its large outdoor settings.

We have created the CASTELLO PRO especially for this; a giant, wind-resistant, commercial patio market umbrella which excels because of solid technology, high – quality materials and modern design.

The CASTELLO PRO not only impresses with its large format, robust design and corrosion-resistant materials but satisfies the trend towards purism… therefore finding reflection in its reduced design. Equipped with simple die-cast parts, the CASTELLO PRO captivates with its flat shade roof, which provides an even greater degree of wind stability than ever before.

The sunshade’s highlight is the counter – rotating opening principle. This allows one to raise or lower the sunshade canopy easily by using the patented tensioning lever.

Designed for large outdoor areas, the CASTELLO PRO provides an elevated level of corrosion protection by using components made from high-quality synthetic material. In addition, we integrate optional electronics discreetly into the frame and the struts.

An opening at the top of the sunshade ventilates heat… always allowing for a fresh breeze and making it the ideal place to be.

Choose between one of the 16 standard designs or a customized design, which we can supply in any size, shape, and height.

The frame is available in Natural Anodized Aluminum with optional colors available from the RAL Classic range of colors. A selection of 50+ canopy colors that ensure maximum sun and rain protection as well as offering the ideal surface for advertising logos and all kinds of lettering.

Various mounting options include: in ground sleeves; plates for affixing to existing patios and decks; and steel stationary bases with weighted inserts for above ground applications. Similarly, we can design fixations for special installation conditions.

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Available Canopy Sizes:


  • 11’6″ Ø (350 cm)
  • 13’1″ Ø (400 cm)
  • 14’9″ Ø (450 cm)
  • 16’5″ Ø (500 cm)
  • 18’1″ Ø (550 cm)
  • 19’8″ Ø (600 cm)


  • 9’10” x 9’10” (300 x 300 cm)
  • 11’6″ x 11’6″ (350 x 350 cm)
  • 13’1″ x 13’1″ (400 x 400 cm)
  • 14’9″ x 14’9″ (450 x 450 cm)
  • 16’5″ x 16’5″ (500 x 500 cm)


  • 11’6″ x 9’10” (350 x 300 cm)
  • 13’1″ x 9’10” (400 x 300 cm)
  • 14’9″ x 11’6″ (450 x 350 cm)
  • 16’5″ x 13’1″ (500 x 400 cm)
  • 18’1″ x 14’9″ (550 x 450 cm)

Bases, fixed mounting options and accessories to consider…